Hiking Trails Around Greyton

Hiking Trails Around Greyton

There are many walking and hiking trails around Greyton and Genadendal. The range in length, severity and skill. Some trails require a permit into the nature reserve and this is available from the Greyton Tourism Information Office29 Main Road, Greyton. There are routes accessible to dogs and these are indicated on various maps available.

Below is a map indicating most routes around the village. For a detailed PDF, click on the button.

List of Trails around Greyton
  • Gifkloof Trail
  • Gobos Trail – Lower
  • Gobos Trail – Upper
  • Hardepeerkloof Trail
  • Knietjieshoogte Trail
  • Maermanskloof Trail
  • Natuskloof Trail
  • Noupoort Walk
  • Platkloof Trail

The Cape Nature Regulations for Hiking in the Greyton Nature Reserve
  • Hikers use the wilderness area at their own risk.
  • Hikers are liable for the costs of any rescue operations
  • Groups are restricted to max 12 persons and not less than 2.
  • Permits are only valid for a specific hiking block.
  • Hikers should remain with their group.
  • Permits must be carried at all times.
  • Do not interfere with plants and animals, or deface rocks.
  • Take all litter home with you.
  • Do not pollute rivers and streams with soap, shampoo or any chemical substances.
  • Take a small spade and bury toilet matter.
  • Open fires are strictly prohibited.
  • Never discard cigarette butts – they cause veld fires and are unsightly.
  • Stick to paths and walk in single file to avoid soil erosion.
  • Leave trail huts in good condition.
  • Firearms and pets are not allowed.

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