Baboon Management

The Greyton Baboon Program is almost unique in the Western Cape. It is a volunteer run program supported financially by residents and the municipality. By getting on the ground before baboons became too habituated we are able to herd them out of the village without using violence. 

Three aspects are essential for the success of the program: a) baboon monitors to reduce baboon presence in the village and provide employment, b) residents taking personal responsibility to actively secure their waste and their gardens to reduce the attraction for baboons, and c) the commitment of the community to support the plan so that we work as one team with a common goal. 

The goal of the program is to promote co-existence, leading to reduced anxiety and conflict (between people and between people and baboons). Ultimately, we want to convince baboons that Greyton is not a worthwhile destination as it does not offer the rewards that they have become accustomed to. 

We want to maintain the ethos of Greyton as a nature-based destination where people live close to a Nature Reserve that we maintain in as pristine as state as possible.

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