Places where dogs can be taken for walks

Dog walking

There are certain paths and areas around Greyton and next to but outside of the Nature Reserve where you can take your dog. Dogs are NOT allowed into the Nature Reserve. This rule exists mostly to protect our fragile environment, yet there are many reasons why dogs may not go into the reserve (see below for an expanded explanation).

One rule for all. You may think that your yorkie tucked away under your arm will do no harm. There are however people that hunt with dogs and clearly we need a one size fits all rule otherwise they can say they’re just walking their dog and he’s always on a lead, and what about that lady with the little dog under her arm? Please understand that we can’t make exceptions!

Below are some maps describing the routes where you and dogs can happily go.

Fines will be issued to those who are caught taking their dogs into restricted areas.


Why dogs are not allowed in the Greyton Nature Reserve

Nature reserves are havens created to support, protect and conserve the flora and fauna in these wilderness areas. They are home to numerous species of plants, mammals, and birds under threat from disturbance and dislocation elsewhere. A balance must be found between allowing access to enjoy nature reserves whilst continuing to protect them.
Dog walking is one issue where this balance is difficult, with various people wishing to walk their dogs in these areas. The fact is that dogs in reserves can cause a significant amount of damage, mostly unnoticed by visitors. International research has repeatedly shown that dogs in natural areas, on or off a lead, result in displacement of many species of wildlife, particularly birds. Not only does this negatively affect the biodiversity of the area, but in turn impacts on ecotourism, including bird watching, which is an increasingly popular pastime throughout the world. Dogs by their very nature are hunters, whilst birds and
small animals, by their nature, are prey.

Download the full explanation of why dogs are not allowed in the Greyton Nature Reserve at this link.