The New Market

Help us design the Greyton Saturday morning market

The design brief for the Greyton Saturday morning market is now available.

It takes into consideration the results of the public participation process including a public meeting workshop 3 June and a survey to traders. 

Contact us at or any of the committee members below if you would like to join the design team or attend the briefing meeting to be held at 2 pm on 24 June 2017 at the DRC Hall.

The deadline for initial designs is 8 July 2017.

Unfortunately time is not on our side. We have committed to having a working market up and running in time for this year’s annual Rose Fair taking place in October. This is a big ask given the council red tape which still needs to be negotiated. So we are asking for your help.

•    Briefing meeting - answering of questions and accommodating input – 24 June 2 pm at the DRC Hall
•    Presentation of submissions 8 July
•    Evaluation and consideration of submissions 10 July

We are excited to receive your innovative designs, which will ensure the Greyton market continues to go from strength to strength.

Andrew White – 082 835 2668
Andrew Swain – 083 300 6115
Steve Jossel – 083 457 0679
Nicole Rouillard – 084 313 3476
Leslie Ives – 082 854 2828

See ideas for the new market on Pinterest:

To Like and Not to Like

Don't Like:

  • Ducking under the tables
  • Low ceilings
  • Dusty/dirty rafters
  • Flies on the food
  • Struggle for clean water


  • Children playing in the trees
  • Market in shade of trees
  • Seating area in shade
  • Mixture of food and non-food stalls
  • Horse cart rides
  • Easy access for cars to set up
  • Place to hang decorations and signs

Suggestions for the New Market

Please submit suggestions for the new market via the form below:

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We would like to give the BIGGEST thanks to everyone who has donated time, money, materials, and much more to our efforts so far. Your support is much appreciated and is already helping us to rebuild what we lost and to continue to support and protect our environment and community.

If you would like to make a cash donation please do so using the following details.

  • Greyton Conservation Society
  • First National Bank Caledon
  • Account number 6200 841 3081

Please use the word Market as your reference followed by your surname.

If you wish to receive an acknowledgement or statement for tax purposes, please email proof of payment to GCS treasurer Cliff McCormick

If you would like to donate something else, please contact Andrew White at or fill out the following form:

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Temporary Market
Materials for the new market