Fire! Fire in Maermanskloof, Greyton, Overberg.


Greyton witnessed a fierce and fast fire that marched with the wind along the Riviersonderend road toward the town. The flames reached 4m and scorched the land between the town and Blue Hippo farm. Telephone wired melted, ant hills toasted.

Fortunately no one was injured but the local fire fighting team lost their watering vehicle to the fire. The fire department came to the rescue with a helicopter to dump water on the worst of the flames. Late in the afternoon most of the flames had been suppressed and beaters could march in on the remaining fire among the trees in Maermanskloof. The townsfolk were all concerned but in the end major risk was averted and we give our thanks to those that fought the fire. 

Sadly many small animals would have lost their lives in the fire and we already have a creep of tortoises visiting us in town in search of water. If you see an animal in need, lend a hand.

Also, report any fires that you spot to the Greyton fire fighting squad (Richard Hess 082 422 4568) or to the Greater Overberg Fire Prevention Association (028 425 1690). 

Most importantly, though, don't start fires in places where you cannot control them and be responsible about flammable materials such as cigarette butts.

Written by Nicole Rouillard

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