Hakea weevil released!

Erytenna consputa

Erytenna consputa

Hakea sericea -  yound buds

Hakea sericea - yound buds

This weevil, Erytenna consputa, is one of a number of hakea bio controls available. What this one does is bore into fresh hakea seeds preventing them from maturing. This makes them ideal for the large stand of new growth on the right of the Riviersonderend just after the gun club.

Hakea seeds are peculariar in the way that they remain on the plant year after year, and accumulate over time, and only release the seeds when the plant dies. This usually only happens in fire and then where there was one plant there is within a year a dense thicket of prickly bushes that push out our fynbos, renosterveld or grazing for animals.

So, if you're a keen hacker you can leave this stand of hakea to the weevil to take care of!

Many thanks to Reley Bell of the Department of Environmental Affairs who is assisting the Greyton Conservation Society with bio control as part of it's alien management plan.



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