Hack Report - 16 July

We've recently discovered that the north east slope of Zigzag is covered in Hakea, and a few other nasties including gum and Black wattle.

A fairly small group of us cut and pulled out hundreds of hakea and piled them into large heaps to minimise the spread of the seeds. Ideally one removes the cones - especially if it is an isolated plant - but in this case there were just too many and we hope that by piling them on top of each other the seeds will not be able to fly away.

In the 3 hours before tea time we managed to clear a large swathe from the top road down to where the blue gums on the Nel's farm begin.

We'll be back next month so please don gloves, bring a pair of secateurs and join us on the slopes of Zigzag.

Next Hack: Always the 3rd Tuesday of the month. 20 August at 8am - meet at the Municipal shed on Vlei st.

For info contact Andrew White 082 835 2668 andrewwhite@mweb.co.za


Oscar Downing, Mike Ohlson de Fine, Andy Smith & Klaus Wehrlin

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