Sonderend Birding Outing Sunday 28 April 2013

Our last visit was to the Caledon sewage works, it was terrific. In total we identified 38 different species in the space of 2 hours. Some of the highlights were watching a large flock of adult and juvenile Greater Flamingo dancing on water, a pair of African Marsh Harriers playing hide and seek and so many water birds, it was a “duckaree”.  But the real heart stopping moment ........ the arrival of a majestic  Martial Eagle!!....... the largest Eagle in Africa!! ... perched in a nearby tree.......Wow what a morning.......

Interestingly, the Martial Eagle was spotted again a few days later in the same vicinity. It pays to keep your eyes glued to the trees!

Pictures below of a fantastic sighting of a Martial Eagle taken in Botswana

GCS GreytonComment